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Demas Software for auto Dealership Management System

ProVisit is a Comprehensive Visitor Management System. It records and tracks all information relating to visitors in an organisation. Visitors may visit for official purposes or for personal purpose to meet the officials. Detailed particulars including photographs of visitors are recorded. Each visitor is issued a Visitor Pass. Various types of analysis about the visitors in a particular period are carried out.

Features and Benefits:-

 Detailed particulars of visitor including photograph
 Date and time stamp
 Visitor pass and ID Card
 Pre-printed / plain stationery
 Alert flash with visitor photograph at Officer's desk
 Visitor Entry controlled by Officers
 Both Entry and Exit recorded
 Record of Frequent Visitors for easy data entry
 Optional E-mail intimation to officer
 Summary Reports

ProVisit Features:-

 Visitor Pass with photograph
 Visitor ID Card with photograph
 Visitor particulars including photograph of visitor flashed on relevant Officer's computer
 Visitor Log with photograph
 Entry as well as Exit record
 Frequent Visitor list maintenance
 Staff List and Authorising Officers
 Optional to sent e-mail to officer
 List of Visitors during a period
 No of visits of a particular visitor
 Person visited
 Purpose of Visit

System Requirements
  Pentium Based PC
  64 MB RAM
  WIN 98

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