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Prodigy is a software package for management and administration of educational institutions. The following variants of Prodigy are available for different types of educational institutions.

 Prodigy for Schools
 Prodigy for Colleges
 Prodigy for Professional Colleges

ProAt is a automatic attendance recording system for staff members...
ProAt Software is a automatic attendance System

ProBank is used to generate question papers on demand...
ProBank software is a question data bank.

ProExam is a software package to conduct online exam of students...
ProExam Software is used to conduct online exam

ProVoise is a telephone based Interactive voice response system(IVRS)...
ProVoise is a telephone based IVRS
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Functional areas covered by Prodigy are:

  • Admission
  • General Remarks
  • Authorized Pickup
  • Exams and Marks
  • Attendance
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Medical Checkups
  • Counsellor notes
  • TC
  • Report Card
  • ID Cards
  • Certificates
  • Annual, Periodic and One time charges
  • Other activity charges
  • Refundable amounts
  • Debit / Credit Student
  • Payments modes
  • Update records from bank data

  • Teaching / Non-Teaching Staff
  • Profile / Qualification / Experience
  • Remarks
  • Attendance
  • Definable Categories - Books, CDs
  • Members
  • Magazines
  • Issues / Returns / Fine Catalogue
  • Stock Verification
  • Bar Codes

  • Item classification
  • Location wise stock
  • Purchase / Sale / Consumption
  • Class wise / Subject wise syllabus
  • Teaching schedule
  • Syllabus covered
  • Exercises and notes

  • Vouchers
  • Budget
  • Syllabus covered
  • Exercises and notes
  • Ledger
  • Cash Book and Bank Book
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet


  Runs on a wide variety of platforms Win 95,Win 98,Netware,Win-NT,Unix.
  Can be used in single user environment with one PC or in multi-user environment with network of computers.
  Controlled access rights for users.
  Extremely easy to use. No prior knowledge of computers is required.
  Online context sensitive help throughout.
  All functional modules are fully integrated.
  Very informative and to the point reports.
  No maintenance overheads.
  Help desk to assist the user.

System Requirements
Single User Multi User
  Pentium-I or better
  16 MB RAM
  WIN95, WIN98
      Pentium-I or better
      16 MB RAM
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