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Demas Software for auto Dealership Management System

DeMas is auto Dealership Management software. It covers purchase and sale of vehicles, vehicle PDI, Transfer of vehicles to and from branches; Purchase and sale of spare parts and accessories, repair of vehicles including warranty claims; interaction with principals for ordering, payments warranty claims etc.

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DeMas has been approved by LML, Punjab Tractors and HMT. Besides these, DeMas is also operational at some dealers of TVS, Daewoo and OPEL. More than 200 installations in more than 100 cities.


 Runs on a wide variety of platforms Win 95, Win 98, Netware, Win-NT, Unix.
 Can be used in single user environment with one PC or in multi-user environment with network of computers.
 Controlled access rights for users.
 Extremely easy to use. No prior knowledge of computers is required.
 Online context sensitive help throughout.
 All functional modules are fully integrated.
 Very informative and to the point reports.
 No maintenance overheads.
 Help desk to assist the user.

System Requirements
Single User Multi User
  Pentium-I or better
  16 MB RAM
  WIN95, WIN98
      Pentium-I or better
      16 MB RAM

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